Good Shepherd Christian Church is partnering with T.R.I.P. Fundraising to help raise money for the building campaign and expansion!  It's a wonderful resource for our church family that EVERYONE can participate in (even family and friends who may not attend GSCC).

With the holiday season coming up, we can use this great opportunity to funnel our spending through T.R.I.P. to earn 1.50%-48.5%  profit for just buying the gift cards and using them at all our favorite stores— money we are spending anyway! You can create an account here and order online or you can place your order in-person on Sundays; there are order forms at the Gathering Table for you to take,review and order from too!  Let's see how much we can raise through TRIP. Place your order by Sunday 11:30 am and your gift cards will be available for pick up at GSCC the following Sunday or may be picked up from the church office on Thursday afternoon each week.  Checks must be made payable to:  TRIP.


 Please consider using TRIP for groceries, holiday meals, eating out, Christmas gifts and  more!


Good Shepherd Disciple's Women continue to utilize TRIP  to raise money for kitchen equipment.  Please indicate on your order form where funds raised should be directed:  Disciple's Women or Building Campaign.

Disciple's Women Contacts:  Carol Hensley or Karen Diller

Building Campaign Contact:  Deserea Reville  330-467-5644



Have questions? We're happy to help. Give us a call or send us an email for more information or assistance.