How Does TRIP Work?

Savings Every Time!

Use gift cards to do your everyday shopping and save money on tuition, fees or help your favorite organization reach their project goals with your tax-deductible donation of TRIP credits!!!!

Purchase gift cards through the TRIP program and redeem these gift cards when doing your regular shopping for groceries, gas, clothing, etc.

Each gift card contains a percentage rebate. Depending on your organization’s program the participant will receive up to 75% of the total rebate, the remaining 25% goes to the overhead of the program.

With each gift card purchased credits build in your TRIP account. These credits are then applied to your tuition account, fee account or organization’s project account.

Turn Rebates Into Money!

Million Dollar Savings

TRIP has the ability to purchase gift cards in bulk and then turn the rebates into tax-free $$$$ in the form of credits that are directed to whatever the non-profit organization specifies!!! In less than two years since the launch of the new online system over $113,000 in savings has been realized!  Within the first 6 years that TRIP Consultants LLC was in business, families saved over a million dollars!!!!

Easy Interface

Our  online system makes ordering easier and better than ever before. Choose from over 300 gift cards and E*Certificates. Many more denominations to choose from to make your shopping experience better and more enjoyable.

Ready to Get Started?

You can start saving money today!

Register for free online and start earning credits immediately! Click the button below and signup for the TRIP program. You'll be amazed how fast credits add up when you buy gift cards and E*Certificates for stores and restaurants you already use.

Rebates Save You Money

You are going to be buying groceries, gas, clothes or maybe you're going to be doing some projects around your house so you'll be shopping at your local home improvement store. Earn rebates that will help you with tuition, fees or even giving. Buy your gift cards through the TRIP program and you'll earn rebates with every card!

  • Rebates can help you offset the cost of tuition for your kids or grand kids
  • Less money out of your pocket for school, band, athletic or other fees
  • Help your local church or non-profit with rebates when you buy gift cards from TRIP
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