Tuition Reduction Incentive Program!

Reduce school tuition, fees or raise money for your non-profit

Register Your Organization

Register your school, church or non-profit group with TRIP and all of your participants will be able to save money on their tuition, reduce fees or raise money for the organization.

Register Your Child or Project

It's free to register and you start making money with the purchase of your first gift card! Earn rebates when you buy gift cards for stores where you already shop.

Fund Raising Opportunities

Our non-profit fundraising programs allows everyone to contribute to your project with the simple purchase of gift cards. That means a much greater fundraising potential!

Cut Tuition, Reduce Fees, Contribute To Your Favorite Project

It's simple and easy! Register your child or project with TRIP Consultants North, LLC and choose from any of over 300 gift cards. Each time you buy a gift card, you earn a rebate that can be applied toward your child's tuition, used to reduce fees or donate money for your favorite charity project. You're going to be shopping for groceries, clothes, gifts and more - why not save money while you do it?

“I get the whole family involved because I know grandma and grandpa want to help and love carrying gift cards instead of cash.” - Kimberly R.

Popular Gift Cards

With hundreds of cards to choose from - you'll always find what you want
Earn 14.5% on Honey Baked Ham
Earn 19.5% on Malley's
Earn 28% on Lube Stop
Earn 14.5% on Bob Evans

Save from 2% all the way up to 50% on selected gift cards. Choose cards for stores where you shop every day!

Who Qualifies?

TRIP Consultants North, LLC offers tuition reduction at all major private schools in Northeast Ohio and many churches. If you're not sure if your school qualifies, contact us to get the current list of schools or sign your school up today for free!

Can I Help Others?

You sure can! Many people ask their family and friends to consider buying gift cards for stores where they already shop so their children or project can earn. Because there are so many cards to choose from - everyone can participate.

Real Potential

There's no limit! Many of our customers earn hundreds of dollars in credits every year to apply toward tuition and fees or to give to their favorite charity. There' no real limit to how much you can save! Click here to see how the program works.

All Our Cards

TRIP Consultants North, LLC offers gift cards from over 300 different stores, restaurants and websites. You'll find gift cards from simple gas and groceries to up-scale stores and online services! View our list of available gift cards.

Many Ways To Save

Be as creative as you want

Buy gift cards for you and your family. Every purchase earns rebates and you will find cards for every place you already shop. Use them yourself or give them for gifts to everyone.


Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone! Because nearly everyone already uses gift cards, families can participate by ordering cards for their favorite stores.


Because TRIP offers hundreds of gift cards from all of the popular stores and restaurants, your friends will find exactly what they want and will be able to help at the same time.


Most of the people you work with probably already buy gift cards for themselves or to give as gifts. Now they can help a co-worker by ordering the same cards through TRIP.

Get started today!

Signing up for the TRIP program is quick and easy. Contact our helpful representatives to register your school, church, child, group or program. There's no reason to put it off! Sign Up now and get instant access to our program including gift cards from over 300 different stores, restaurants and online services!